• Chinese Acrobats

    Combining Chinese tradition and incredible
    acrobatic performances, the Chinese
    Acrobats entertain and educate.

    Their performance features outstanding balance,
    martial arts, Chinese poles and foot juggling.

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    Chinese Acrobats

  • Skateboard Science

    Professional skateboarders join a scientist
    to show off their best stuff and explain the
    magic and science behind the art of

    Contact us today for availability.

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    Skateboard Science

  • African Dance/Drums

    The 4-person African Dance and Drum Troupe
    will combine African drumming, dancing,
    acrobatics, stilt-walking, breathtaking
    costumes, and innovative choreography.

    Contact us today for availability.

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    African Dance and Drums

  • Russian Spectacular

    The Russian music, dance and song ensemble
    Barynya is a world renowned group. Barynya
    presents Russian, Cossack, Ukranian, Jewish,
    and Gypsy Roma traditional dancing, songs,
    and virtuoso performances on instruments.

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    Russian Spectacular

  • Wonders of the

    This highly entertaining and educational show
    will allow the students to meet some of the
    world’s most exciting and fascinating animals
    from the safety of their seats.

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Booking & Order Form

Use the following form to order an assembly program. If you would like to inquire about open dates please use our Inquiry Form.

If you prefer to fax your order, you can download a PDF copy of our booking form and fax to (785) 843-0582.


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Please check the shows that you want to order for your school or other group. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will check availability and contact you for show time and order verification. For more information about a particular show, click on the performer's name.

2013-2014 shows you want to order:

Aesop's Fables K-6 $490
African Dance and Drum Troupe K-12 $820
Amazing World of Animals K-9 $490
Barynya K-12 $690
DEAFinitely Magic - The Magic of Sam Sandler K-12 $490
Fabulous Chinese Acrobats K-12 $770
Jabali Afrika K-12 $795
Laser Science K-12 $590
Reptile Discovery K-12 $490
Skateboard Science K-12 $650
Something Ridiculous K-12 $490
Stop Bullying Now/Start Reading! K-12 $490
The Science of the Superhero! K-12 $520
Wonders of the Rainforest K-12 $490

2014-2015 shows you want to order:

Adventures in Folklore K-9 $490
African Drum & Dance K-12 $870
Boston Tea Party K-9 $490
The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats K-12 $790
Joe Gandelman, Ventriloquist K-12 $490
Games From Around the World K-9 $490
Global Safari K-12 $490
Joe "The Trick Star" Odhiambo K-12 $490
Laser Science K-12 $590
Native Pride Dancer K-12 $490
One World Taiko K-12 $590
Reverse Order K-12 $590
The Science of Sound K-9 $590
Wonders of the Rainforest K-12 $490
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