• Chinese Acrobats

    Combining Chinese tradition and incredible
    acrobatic performances, the Chinese
    Acrobats entertain and educate.

    Their performance features outstanding balance,
    martial arts, Chinese poles and foot juggling.

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    Chinese Acrobats

  • Robotics

    Your students will get to interact and assist
    with robots on the cutting edge of technology
    and then see the robots carry out their

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  • Science Rocks!

    Experience sound as you’ve never seen,
    felt, or heard it before. Use your voice to
    create a giant laser show. Run a resonance
    relay race. Rock out to odd instruments and
    sounds from students.

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    African Dance and Drums

  • One World Taiko

    One World Taiko is a professional Japanese
    drum ensemble that captivates audiences of
    all ages with their heart pounding beats,
    dynamic movement and rhythmic grooves.

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    One World Taiko

  • Wonders of the

    This highly entertaining and educational show
    will allow the students to meet some of the
    world’s most exciting and fascinating animals
    from the safety of their seats.

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